Outlook on a Diesel Mechanic Career

When deciding what career choice would be right, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration. Although the number one factor is whether or not a person has a passion for the career in mind, another close runner up is what the salary is. With markets continually changing, it is important for an individual to know whether or auto mechanic salary not the field they are interested in is able to provide them a sustainable income. Thankfully, a lot of industries still provide attractive salaries to their workers. One of the most highly anticipated careers is a diesel mechanic due to the job itself, in addition to the salary. If a person can love what they’re doing, while at the same time making good money they are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities made available to them.

A diesel mechanic is a professional who provides maintenance and repair services to heavy duty vehicles and other similar pieces of equipment that utilizes diesel. Some of the most common pieces of equipment that diesel mechanics take care of include buses, trucks, ships, cranes, and farm tractors. This field requires specialized training apart from regular mechanic courses. Although individuals might have opportunities available to learn the trade through on the job training, in most cases a person will need to obtain a certificate through a post secondary training program in order to qualify for diesel mechanic jobs.

Studies conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the median diesel mechanic salary is roughly $40,850, or $19.64 an hour, in 2010. The highest earners earned $60,830, while the lowest paying group averaged $26,550. In addition to their hourly rate, some employers offer other perks such as yearly bonuses, possible commissions, and paid vacations. The amount a person can earn will depend on experience and location. When compared to the median auto mechanic salary at $37,190, diesel mechanics have higher earnings.

It is expected that due to market demands job opportunities will increase 15 percent by the year 2020. With demand increasing, as will the average diesel mechanic salary. If a person is considering becoming a diesel mechanic this will give them confidence that they will be entering into a market that has high earning potential. If a person loves working on heavy duty vehicles and wants to make a career out of their passion it is highly recommended they attend school to earn their certification as a diesel mechanic.


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